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The year is 2019. Power within the courts in the United States has been turned over to the hands of judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys, removed from the general populace. Jury duty is a thing of the past due to a lack of funding, and evidence and witnesses are used in lieu of that in the search for truth and justice.

In turn, the general perception of lawyers by the populace has changed. In early 2000, lawyers were viewed in a negative light. Now, they have become icons for both the media and the populace as either fighters for justice or promoters of evil, their popularities sometimes rivaling that of movie stars.

This system has always had obvious problems, but no one has stepped up to try to fix them. As cases rely entirely on cross-examination and evidence, there is always the possibility of lawyers collaborating and producing an improper verdict, or even falsifying evidence to encourage the verdict that they want. Accountability is a thing of the past, as the focus now for attorneys is to become "popular", and therefore rich, within their professions.

forjusticeonly's story starts on February 12, 2019. Phoenix Wright has been on the receiving end of a series of horrible dreams that show an uncertain future for both him and his profession. Soon, the world will turn upside down not just for him -- but for all the people who have taken a part in his career and the court system itself.

And in the end, only justice can prevail.


Hello and welcome to For Justice Only, a Gyakuten Saiban/Phoenix Wright roleplaying community.

This community is unlike many of the other roleplaying communities on Livejournal. For Justice Only is a serious creative endeavor with a clear storyline, and requires more rules than most other communities. Applicants are welcome to apply, but an application does not guarantee a spot in the roleplay.

Please check the COURT RECORD to learn everything that you need to join and participate!

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