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06 March 2010 @ 05:32 am
098 | April 15, 2019 | Prosecutor's Office  
It had been, without any smidgen of a doubt, a good set of weeks.

The Gavinners had risen in popularity, their newest single "13 Years Hard Time For Love" flying off the shelves and into the mp3 players of many different fräuleins, and it was clear that they had hit it big. There were a few things that Klavier had done in celebration - first, it was to finally move out from his brother's apartment, and second, it was to buy a new guitar. Kristoph had become all too stuffy in the face of Klavier's needs, and it was through both his job and the accumulated income of his musical endeavors that he had "broke free", so to speak.

Ach, but there was one thing that still nagged at Klavier - he had made an error, had missed a set of notes - and perhaps, it was partially this that was holding back his success in the other side of his work. Klavier had spent a long while contemplating his previous conversation with Herr Edgeworth a few months before. It could have been hasty, he had surmised, to dig around in another's personal life so intrusively. There were other means to get to know another human being, Klavier knew - just like one beautiful fräulein needed to be wooed differently than another. Some needed jewels, others needed heartstrings, and he surmised that perhaps Herr Edgeworth needed a heartstring to be dangled in his face before anything was to be resolved or expanded upon.

So it was with this that Klavier found himself contemplating the best way sich entschuldigen, or to apologize - and for a long while, the answer had evaded Klavier. That is, until a package had arrived at his new doorstep from his mother, a housewarming gift.

The idea had then struck him - Herr Edgeworth was from Germany, Klavier had read - perhaps he would accept one of the loaves of sweet stollen from his home country in apology. His mother had doubtless spent a good deal of money in sending him something so fresh, and Klavier wasted no time in taking one of the sealed packages to work that day, wrapped up in tissue paper and placed in a richly colored gift bag.

Klavier's presence wasn't difficult to hear that morning - he jingle-jangled into the lobby of the Prosecutor's Offices, decorative chains hanging off his leather pants and from around his neck, his supple snakeskin boots tapping against the smooth flooring. He couldn't disappoint his precious fräuleins - even at work, he needed to be in style, ja? Hence, it was no surprise to Klavier when he garnered stares, both of jealousy and blatant attraction, as he went up to his office to start his daily routine.

Messages, check, mail, check - files, check. The ridiculous detective Gumshoe, while intellectually incompetent 98% of the time (two percent short of being thrown into a trash can, like failed lyrics on a crumpled sheet of paper), was at least doing his job in getting the data for his case. The trip to Herr Edgeworth's office wouldn't take long, so he left the files on his desk to evaluate once he had returned, carefully hugging the loaf of fresh smelling pastry underneath his arm, and left to go find it.

After ensuring from Herr Edgeworth's secretary that he was indeed not entertaining any company, Klavier had politely knocked upon his door, before entering of his own accord. As he shut the door behind himself, he summoned what he hoped would be a dazzling, winning smile to his face. "Ah, Herr Edgeworth - it is a good morning, ja?" The greeting was extended warmly, as if there was no awkward tension to be had between the both of them.

It wasn't exactly uncommon for various individuals to bound into Edgeworth's office, and as such he didn't even bother to look up from his paperwork when Klavier entered. However, as commonplace as the occurrence was, it was rarely followed up with a thickly accented greeting delivered a little more than smugly. Klavier Gavin. Edgeworth couldn't say he had any inclination towards interacting with the young man since his obvious intrusion into his life, but it seemed that the other man was itching for a follow up.

Even with his intruder identified by accent alone, Edgeworth didn't bother to glance up; instead, he continued the scritching of his fountain pen against the form he was tending to, the pressure behind the movements a little heavier than necessary.

"That depends," he answered brusquely, his eyes skirting over the top of the form before returning to where he had been writing. "What can I do for you, Mr. Gavin?"

Ah, touché, Klavier mused to himself. I suppose I deserve it, ja? I was not the nicest before, I believe. It is to be expected. He supposed that the best way to go about the situation would be to be direct - he presumed that Herr Edgeworth would appreciate not beating around the shrubs.

As Klavier began to approach Herr Edgeworth's desk, he had to admit that the other man had impeccable taste in decorum. Everything seemed to match and was clean and coordinated, something that Klavier could appreciate, even if it was pink. Though, pink was only a variation of red, he surmised - perhaps they had more in common than Klavier had presumed, though the general aura of the room gave Klavier the feeling that Herr Edgeworth wasn't the type to enjoy fräuleins. More for me, then, ja? He thought to himself amusedly.

"It is not a matter of weighted importance, and I have not much time, but I wanted to extend my apologies to you, mein Freund," he said in response, as he carefully placed the gift bag upon an empty space of Herr Edgeworth's desk, away from the area in which he was working. "I believe our last conversation, a few months ago...I was being inappropriate," Klavier paused briefly and raised his right hand, toying with the tip of a shiny, golden chunk of hair at the side of his face, his gaze moving from Herr Edgeworth towards his wall briefly in consideration before returning to him, "nein, I will edit that; I was rude, ja? I was hoping to make amends."

Edgeworth paused the movements of his pen in order to take a furtive glance at whatever it was that Klavier had placed on his desk, though his disinterest took over rather quickly; the pen began to move again as he refocused on the form.

"...for future reference, an apology should stand on its own." It couldn't be said that Edgeworth wasn't really a judgmental person, but rarely did he ever consider that judgment to be infallible. However, Klavier Gavin seemed to rub him the wrong way, and this didn't extend only to his rudeness - there was something about his personality in general that disagreed with the prosecutor, and he often found himself wondering how his parents had raised him to be such a stark contrast to his older brother. "Yes, you were rude, and I'm willing to forget about that fascinating aspect of your personality, but you will have to forgive my reluctance in accepting anything from you."

Klavier paused briefly before he smiled, his expression rueful. Ach, you are not easy prey, Herr Edgeworth. I suppose I cannot capture your heart as easily as I might have thought.

"...ja, I understand. My mutter, though, she sent me this as a housewarming gift, and I was hoping that you might enjoy it. I understand that you are from Germany too, ja? Well, she saw fit to send me some fresh stollen, as it is one of my favorite pastries. It is, as they say, sehr gut." Leaning over the desk slightly, Klavier parted the red tissue paper with the fingers of his left hand to make sure that it was still intact. The trace scent of his cologne lingered in the air as he withdrew.

Klavier then placed his right hand on his hip lightly, letting his other arm dangle at his side, his fingers resting upon his thigh. Tilting his head slightly to the right, his blue eyes took in Herr Edgeworth's appearance curiously, the other man's insistence on half-ignoring his presence presenting a challenge to Klavier. I wonder what the best way into your heart is, Herr Edgeworth - is it through flattery, instead? Perhaps we will give this a try - it cannot hurt, ja? "We are coworkers, Herr Edgeworth, but I am only a puppy in this big dog business. While you might not want to accept it due to my apology, I must insist - consider it a homage, perhaps, to your larger experience and deeper understanding of the work we must do."

The sudden onslaught of flattery didn't escape Edgeworth's notice, and while he was a prideful being - the flattery didn't go underappreciated despite appearances - the elder prosecutor seemed completely unwilling to accept it. His brow furrowed when the scent of Klavier's cologne wafted into his direction, and he couldn't help but wonder about the sort of people that found that scent appealing, to say nothing of the creature that the cologne was currently adorning.

"I believe that you fail to understand why I am not accepting your gift, Mr. Gavin." The form lay incomplete on his desk, but by now, Edgeworth was completely distracted from finishing it. Setting the pen down, Edgeworth allowed himself to look at Klavier properly for the first time since he'd barged into his office. Though annoyance was clear on Edgeworth's features, a sharp undercurrent of amusement was starting to wash over his expression, the emotion thoroughly muted by his distaste for his company. "Thoughtful as it may be, I fail to see any merit in accepting it when you're clearly angling for something. To put it simply, I won't be so easily swayed into altering my opinion of you, and that fact is, perhaps, more for your own benefit than it is for mine."

The closed door, it has opened a crack! Klavier was most certainly pleased with the fact that he'd gotten Herr Edgeworth's attention, at the very least. Lifting his free hand, he raked his bangs back with his fingers, letting the strands fall back into place as he moved the same hand to begin idly snapping his fingers to the beat of his thoughts, his expression turning deeply thoughtful. Once he finished thinking, the moment lasting no more than seven seconds, he placed the hand on his hip and leaned his posture forward slightly, as if to add emphasis to his words.

"The only thing that I am angling for is your forgiveness, Herr Edgeworth. Whether you change your mind about me is something I cannot control, for it is your heart that will tell you what it is you need to know." And that is the well-rhythmed and rhymed truth! Klavier then paused, looking around Herr Edgeworth's office briefly for a chair. There were two next to the chess table, but Klavier found the chair to be too small for his tastes, even if his skinny body would easily fit into any seat. He wasn't to be dwarfed in the presence of Herr Edgeworth's heavy, solid looking desk furniture, and the couch wouldn't allow Klavier a decent look at the other man's face. It is better to delve into topics head-on, ja? No diversionary tactics will be played here, I reassure you.

Once Klavier decided to remain standing, he returned his attention back to Herr Edgeworth. "However! I will not take my gift back, mein Freund - I am not, what do you call it in this country, a 'Native American giver', ja? I give all my gifts from the deepest part of who I am, for you to refuse it is to tear out a precious part of my being and throw it to the wayside!"

The prosecutor's expression deadpanned as he took in Klavier's dramatic declaration, and he felt any final vestiges of hope that the younger man was being in any way sincere flutter away. It wasn't hard to tell how Klavier had made his way through life thus far - looks, charisma, and shameless flattery or flirting all seemed to be possible acts in his repertoire - and Edgeworth couldn't exactly respect those parts of Klavier's personality when he must have used them simply to skate past any trials in his lifetime. Edgeworth's interest seemed to wane then, and he picked his pen up from the desk in order to return to his work, but he didn't quite return his attention to his paper right away.

"If that's the case, then I hope that you will accept my sincerest apologies as you make your way out into the wayside so that you might recollect that precious part of yourself. You're more than welcome to leave that stollen here, but rest assured it would be going to waste. Technically, I've yet to accept this gift at all, ergo you can't exactly take it back when it has yet to leave your possession."

With that, his gaze left the young prosecutor and returned to his form, the pace of his writing picking up once again without missing a beat. "You have my forgiveness, but nothing else. If you're truly only angling for that, then you've accomplished your task without having to break bread. That should be enough."

This time, Klavier's aura exhibited a great amount of displeasure at Edgeworth's disposition, and he took a step and leaned forward, reaching out with his right hand. He then placed his index finger lightly on the back of Edgeworth's pen in order to stop it, his expression sobering seriously. His tone was quiet as he began to speak. "It is rude to not look at someone when they are talking to you, ja? I understand that I am not an easy person to talk to, perhaps I had insulted you so deeply that you think I am not worthy of any sort of respect. But please, I say this with a great amount of sincerity - I am sorry. Even if you say that you have given forgiveness, it is not clear in the way you look at me, and that is why I cannot walk away."

Klavier looked towards the gift bag briefly before he focused his gaze back on Edgeworth and continued. "My mutter, she is a great and decent person. She loves my brother and I, more than I could ever gather. It is difficult, ja, to be a parent, so far away. You have seen that I am not easy, and I never was - but she has forgiven me always, from deep in her heart. That is why I bring the stollen to you, because it has come from a pure and decent soul, and I wish to start over with you in the same spirit, from a blank slate."

Though his pen stilled, Edgeworth didn't glance up from his paper until Klavier had finished speaking. In truth, the prosecutor found himself somewhat pleased by the younger man's apparent delving into the reasonable realm of things, but it also complicated how he wanted to handle the situation. Turning away Klavier and the gift at this juncture would be burning a bridge unnecessarily, and he didn't want to appear unreasonable either. Bringing his gaze upward to meet Klavier's, Edgeworth found himself taking in the other man's features with a certain amount of scrutiny for the first time, and he felt an odd bubbling of sensation in his chest when he realized just how much Klavier looked like his brother.

"...very well," he said finally after some thought. Ultimately, he had no intention of partaking in the gift Klavier was leaving him, but it wouldn't harm him to simply allow it to sit on his desk for a detective to scavenge later in the day. "You have my forgiveness, Mr. Gavin, and I mean that with sincerity." The pen was settled on the table as Edgeworth crossed his arms over his chest. "I appreciate the lengths you have gone to in order to repair the situation, but you should know by now that they weren't exactly necessary. Regardless...you have my thanks as well."

An honestly pleased smile took over Klavier's face as he withdrew his hand, and he shook his head lightly. "I myself find that it is necessary - a true apology is more than just words, ja? It is expressed in the harmony of actions and voice."

Reaching up, Klavier adjusted his sunglasses upon his head lightly, as they were beginning to slide. He'd changed his posture so many times during their conversation that they had been thrown off balance, and it wouldn't do for anyone to see him in any state of imperfection, not in public. In private...well, that was something for certain fräuleins to worry about. "Bitte schön, Herr Edgeworth. I am happy that we were able to come to an agreement on this issue, and I hope you do enjoy it - I enjoy mine with hot cocoa, as it is a reminder of the cold winters."

Offering a nod, Edgeworth gently began to tap his index finger against his forearm out of habit. "Right, well. I will have to take that into consideration." He would be doing no such thing, of course; after all, he was rarely on speaking terms with caffeine, to say nothing of the fact that he had no intention on consuming a single bite of the stollen. Not that Klavier needed to know that, really.

"While I'm glad that this has all been settled, you'll understand that I have a fair amount of work to get finished. My absence from the office this weekend has put me a bit behind, and I would like to be timely about catching up." The suggestion for Klavier to leave wasn't exactly subtle, but Edgeworth truly needed to get work done, and it seemed as good of an excuse as any for the young prosecutor to vacate his office.

Klavier understood the prompt. After all, he was no fool - he was a prosecutor at this age not because he had wiggled his black leather garbed hips in order to pass his exams, but because of his brains. "I understand - I am of the same pressures as well. Many thanks for your time," Klavier acknowledged. "Perhaps we can meet for dinner someday - I am of the opinion that I can learn great things from you, Herr Edgeworth."

Turning and walking back towards the door, Klavier placed his hand on the doorknob, before glancing back at Herr Edgeworth. "Auf wiedersehen," he said simply, a charming smile coming over his expression. "Have a good day." And with that, Klavier opened the door and slipped out, the door shutting behind him with a soft click.