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04 February 2010 @ 01:15 am
093 | April 11, 2019 | Phoenix's Apartment  
It was Edgeworth's internal clock that woke him up just around sunrise, but he didn't have any business at the Prosecutor's Office until later in the morning. With the house signing that day and no investigations on his plate, Edgeworth wasn't as characteristically busy as he normally was. Of course, there was always some work to be done, and while he had no doubt that his lull in activity would change soon, the prosecutor was simply contented by the fact that he didn't have to part from the warm bed just yet.

Sometime during the night, Edgeworth had come untangled with Phoenix, and he'd managed to support himself on the edge of the bed as the defense attorney sprawled himself out amongst the remainder of it. The comforter that they shared was partially buried underneath Phoenix, wrapped haphazardly around his limbs with only the corner of it remaining to cover the prosecutor. Shifting to face Phoenix, Edgeworth offered a scowl to the sleeping form of his lover before attempting to gingerly tug the comforter loose. When this wasn't successful - and the movement had done nothing to stir Phoenix - Edgeworth gave up, deciding instead to settle close against the defense attorney's side, leeching his warmth and taking up as much of the comforter as he could without prying it from the defense attorney's death grip.

Though his sleep wasn't exactly restful, Edgeworth managed to obtain a few more hours of it before he awoke once more, feeling completely rested this time. He wasn't exactly sure how he accomplished it, but he'd somehow become tangled with the defense attorney again during his slumber, his head nestled up against Phoenix's chest with both his legs curled around Phoenix's left leg. With a yawn, he shifted up onto his elbow, his eyes reflexively moving to the alarm clock to check the time.

8:59 AM. Wasn't Phoenix usually at work by now?

Glancing down at the passed out defense attorney below him, Edgeworth gently began shaking his shoulder. "...Phoenix," he muttered softly, his voice low and groggy from his still tired state. "Phoenix, wake up." The shaking became gradually more urgent as he tried to piece together Phoenix's usual morning schedule (have I really spent so few mornings with him?), his grip on the defense attorney's shoulder tightening slightly.

"Mmm," Phoenix moaned, his expression scrunching up in displeasure as he reached up a hand, batting Edgeworth's arm away sleepily. "Tigers," he started, his voice thick with grogginess, "they...they don't fit in teacups, Maya," he continued nonsensically. He didn't open his eyes, and the light snore that escaped him after he finished indicated that he probably didn't realize he'd spoken.

Edgeworth deadpanned, and for a moment he toyed seriously with the idea of simply rolling over and going back to sleep; however, he couldn't in good conscience allow any of Phoenix's clients to suffer due to the defense attorney's refusal to part from his nonsensical dreams.

Untangling his legs from around Phoenix's, Edgeworth began shaking his shoulder a little more forcefully. "Phoenix," he repeated, raising his voice. "Aren't you going to be late?"

Phoenix's eyes snapped open immediately, and he stared at Edgeworth for a second, the look on his face completely disoriented and bewildered - and then with a loud rustling noise as he moved the blanket, he turned to look at the alarm clock, a sharp feeling of dread lancing through his chest.

The clock read 9:03 am, an hour past the time that he'd needed to be awake. Shit! Phoenix cursed mentally "...work! Work, I'm...I'm late, I..." Phoenix threw the blankets off and practically fell out of bed in his rush, stumbling over to his dresser drawers and yanking out underclothes, pulling them on as he made his way over to the closet.

Sitting up slightly, the prosecutor propped up a pillow behind himself, using it as a soft barrier between his back and the headboard as he leaned back to make himself comfortable. Though the defense attorney was thoroughly rattled, Edgeworth wasn't quick to get out of bed. "Do you-" The statement was interrupted by a yawn, and, despite his tiredness, Edgeworth had the presence of mind to cover his mouth. "...excuse me. Do you have appointments scheduled for this morning?"

Edgeworth's question caught Phoenix while he was pulling on a pair of slacks. The material had managed to twist itself, and in his rush Phoenix was trying to undo the legs with his feet as he made his way towards the bedroom door. "At -" he began, before he made an undignified squawking noise and began to dance around the bed awkwardly, his balance completely thrown off as he lost his concentration.

It seemed to begin in slow motion for Phoenix - once he'd decided to remove his hands from his pants to try to grab onto something to keep himself steady, his pants dropped around his feet at the worst moment and decided to wrap themselves around his ankles as he stepped forward - and then everything moved so quickly that it seemed like the floor had detached itself from gravity and whacked him in the face as he fell down on it.

Although he would have denied ever having done it - and he would ensure Phoenix would be silenced if he for some reason decided to bring it up - the sight before the prosecutor drew a sudden, all too loud snort from his throat. Phoenix's descent onto the ground was almost slapstick in nature, and it was both far too comical and far too early in the morning for Edgeworth to hold back his laughter.

It wasn't as though the prosecutor found schadenfreude exclusively amusing, but it was very rare to get him laughing as hard as he was, and situations such as the one Phoenix had put himself into often did the trick - especially with Edgeworth's sleep addled mind still vulnerable to being surprised. Edgeworth quickly pried the pillow from behind himself in order to bury his face into it; though initially the thickness of the pillow effectively muffled the sound, the laughter quickly became silent, his shoulders shaking almost violently with the force of his amusement.

Getting up from the floor was a bit of a struggle for Phoenix, but he managed to untangle himself from his pants after a few moments. Groaning in pain, Phoenix reached up and grabbed a fistful of the bedsheets, hauling himself up into a kneeling position.

Phoenix's nose was red and his eyes were teary from the pain, but he had somehow miraculously escaped rug burn. However, the look on his face was somewhat cranky as his gaze settled on Edgeworth's silently shaking form. He'd heard Edgeworth's snort, and from the looks of it the prosecutor was laughing - something that both annoyed and pleased Phoenix, as it was rare to see Edgeworth this amused.

"You know, you could at least try to be inconspicuous," Phoenix gibed, a mock-scowl tugging at his lips.

For better or for worse, the laughter didn't appear to be letting up, though the prosecutor himself was relatively silent - except, of course, for an occasional gasp for air. The impulse to be self-conscious was fleeting, lost in both the prosecutor's tired mindset and his amusement.

After a few moments, when Edgeworth was relatively confident in his ability to keep himself in control, he lifted his head from the pillow. "...f-forgive me, Wright. Are...are you..." The question was cut off by the beginnings of a chuckle, and it was clear Edgeworth was doing everything he could to keep from bursting into laughter again. The look on Phoenix's face had been simply too amusing, and the sight of the slight flailing he'd managed while futilely attempting to keep from falling continued returning to Edgeworth's mind's eye, and it was difficult to suppress how entertained he felt.

Phoenix sighed, as if to say and why do I tolerate this abuse again? even while the look on his face was thoroughly bemused and affectionate.

Lateness forgotten in his need for revenge, Phoenix pulled himself up onto the bed, his fingers immediately finding Edgeworth's knees through the covers and digging into the muscles he knew were most sensitive. He had some time - he could always sprint to work - and Phoenix wanted to cherish the moment.

The tickling seemed to summon the noises the prosecutor had been suppressing, though he was significantly less amused that Phoenix was retaliating. "Y-You!" He tried to squirm away, only managing to trap himself on the edge of the bed. Gripping the pillow tightly in his hands, Edgeworth lifted it up and began trying to smack Phoenix away with it, the movement of his arms sporadic.

"H-hey!" thwap! "Hey!" Phoenix could only keep the motions of his hands constant for so long as the pillow hit him, and he couldn't help the laughter that escaped him as he tried to fend off the intruding pillow, his attempts barely effective. It wasn't long before Phoenix grabbed his own pillow, intent on making the scores even. "Take that!" he shouted, as he aimed for Edgeworth's head with the soft object.

Amusing as it was to bap Phoenix with his pillow, Edgeworth was quickly realizing that trading blow-for-blow wasn't going to get them very far. Dropping his own pillow to the side, Edgeworth lurched towards the defense attorney, grabbing for his wrist with one hand and using the other to try to tug his pillow away. "Aren't you-" Tug. "-going to be-" Another tug, and something akin to a grunt. "-late for work, Mr. Wright?"

Phoenix refused to let go of the pillow, instead wrapping his arm and what he could of himself around it, and he managed to escape Edgeworth's wandering hand, able to snake his arm around the prosecutor's shoulder to pull him close. Using gravity to his advantage, Phoenix leaned in from his kneeling position, hungrily nuzzling against the side of Edgeworth's soft neck.

"I'll have to run...but..." Phoenix kissed the pale skin, his tongue flickering out to quickly trace a warm, wet trail up from the crook of his neck to underneath his jaw, his next words whispered right into Edgeworth's ear, "...this was worth it."

Letting go of the pillow to ensure that Edgeworth would be unbalanced, Phoenix quickly rolled off the bed and grabbed his pants up off of the floor, pulling them on (this time a little more carefully) as he made his way to the bedroom door. "I love you! See you later!" he said as he exited - and with that, the defense attorney was gone.