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29 January 2010 @ 08:23 am
092 | April 10, 2019 | Phoenix's Apartment  
Edgeworth was glad that the meeting for the new house was quickly approaching, if for no reason other than he was becoming quite annoyed with the fact his car had been his safe haven when he needed time to think prior to entering Phoenix's apartment.

Of course, he had his own room, but its only purpose for the majority of his time living there had been for storage. Ever since the Feys had been enlightened on their relationship, he had spent most of his nights in Phoenix's room, and for him to suddenly venture into his own room for an extended period of time when a norm had been established would make it seem as though something was wrong.

The lingering question remained embedded in the back of his mind. Was something wrong? Despite the fact it had only been three weeks or so since their last...heated conversation over Kristoph Gavin, Edgeworth felt as though it had been a lifetime. Rarely had he dwelt upon it, and he had expected Phoenix had been the same way; however, the more he thought about that reasoning, the more he recognized the flaws buried within it. Phoenix was in no way the man that he had thought he was - though that isn't to say that it was a bad thing - and his assumptions often tended to veer more in the direction of incorrect the majority of the time. If the defense attorney was still troubled over what had happened, then the anger was more than likely simmering behind the scenes, and Edgeworth frankly had no desire to allow that to happen.

In fact, whenever his memories returned to their final argument in the hospital, he was often filled with so much unease that he couldn't linger on it for long. If the prosecutor still felt that way, he could only imagine how Phoenix felt about it.

Edgeworth still looked and felt like a wreck. Despite any improvement on his appearance that the very recent manicure had caused, his hair was a bit askew, his scrapes and bruises on his knees ached, and his clothes were still a little worse for the wear. Just as he had before, he had often found himself absently reaching for the cravat that wasn't there, and he had shed his suit jacket entirely, having settled it into the passengers seat for the duration of his drive. When he did finally decide to part from his thoughts and enter the apartment, it wasn't because he felt assured in his thinking - instead, the majority of his reasoning was tied into the fact he couldn't stand to be in such disarray for a moment longer.

The apartment was dark and quiet when he entered, and he did nothing to change either aspect about it. Pearl was almost certainly sleeping on the couch - though he couldn't see her in the dark - and the prosecutor was forced to feel his way across the apartment by memory. Praying he would not have a moment of déjà vu (one slip in a dark room per day was enough for him, thank you very much), he was careful, slow, and meticulous in making his way back to Phoenix's room. Once he'd managed to make his way to the familiar door, he readjusted the suit jacket that he had slung over his arm, and he tapped his knuckle twice against Phoenix's door loud enough to announce his presence, though he didn't hesitate before entering.

As the door swung inwards to reveal Phoenix's (and to an extent, Edgeworth's) bedroom, the sliver of illumination that had been obvious in the darkness of the hall split to expose the fact that the entire room was lit with a warm, yellowish glow from the lamps. The windows were open behind the bed, the curtains billowing as a cool breeze flowed into the room from outside, and the light, crisp scent of fresh-cut grass drifted in.

The floor was relatively clear, as Phoenix had done his laundry that evening, and the scent of fabric softener sheets lingered in the air. The bed was made, the sheets clean and straight, and for once Phoenix's room seemed clean.

Phoenix was sitting on his bed dressed in a dark blue t-shirt and shorts, his legs crossed underneath himself as he leaned over a sketchbook, a black pencil in his hands. A small blending stub and a malleable eraser sat on top of the page, and the tips of his fingers and thumbs were dark and shiny with lead. The only noise in the room were the soft rubbing sound of his pencil as he moved across the page and the static, muffled noise from his earbuds as he listened to his music, and the fact that he was immersed in his art was obvious when he didn't react to Edgeworth's entrance.

Edgeworth's expression softened as his eyes fell upon the defense attorney, his attention drawing itself away briefly to close the door behind him. Setting his suit jacket on Phoenix's dresser (he wasn't too concerned with its fate, as he wasn't sure if the oil would wash out of it), he moved to the edge of Phoenix's bed, reaching out and gently tugging at the thin cord connected to one of earbuds.

"Are you intent on destroying your sense of hearing?" he commented in reference to the volume of Phoenix's music, though he realized that his words may very well fall on deaf ears - perhaps literally, if Phoenix continued his music listening habits.

Phoenix jumped with a soft "ah!" at the tugging of the cord, and he swiftly reached up with his left hand, smearing a streak of lead across his cheekbone with his thumb as he looked up. Locking gazes with Edgeworth's, the look of surprise on his face quickly melted away into one of relief.

"...it's on my list of 'things to do before I die'," Phoenix gibed playfully before he pulled the headphones out of his ears, letting them fall to the sheets. He then quickly pulled the cover of the sketchbook over the picture, only a glimpse of the drawing allowed to Edgeworth before it was hidden away.

The picture was a close-up of Edgeworth as he slept on his side on what appeared to be sheets, his left hand curled up against his chest. A small band was around his ring finger, but the drawing was clearly incomplete. Phoenix then shifted to reach his arms out to Edgeworth, inviting him in for a hug. At that precise moment, the defense attorney took Edgeworth's appearance in, from the mess of his hair to his lack of cravat and the wrinkles of his pants, and the look in his eyes turned concerned as he paused. "Rough day?"

It wasn't as if Edgeworth wasn't curious about the drawing, but he missed his opportunity for a glimpse of it in favor of eyeing the lead on Phoenix's fingertips and cheek. The presence of it nearly deterred him accepting the hug, but his mind changed when he realized that it wasn't as though he could look more disheveled - an exaggeration, to be true, but it was how the prosecutor felt.

Edgeworth moved to sit on the edge of the bed before he took Phoenix into his arms, his head reflexively coming to rest against his shoulder. "...you could say that," he muttered, sighing as he relaxed into Phoenix's touch. The events of the day seemed to crash down on him at all once, and suddenly he realized how exhausted he was feeling. His desire for a warm bath was returning, but for the moment he was content to bask in the defense attorney's affection.

Phoenix kept his wrists braced against Edgeworth's shoulder blades as he tucked himself securely against him, not wanting to spread the lead anywhere on his clothes. After pressing a firm kiss against Edgeworth's cheek, Phoenix sighed deeply, feeling whole now that Edgeworth was home. Phoenix couldn't help but miss having Edgeworth at his side during the day, and the prosecutor was constantly on his mind even while he was working.

Savoring the warmth of Edgeworth's body, Phoenix squeezed him close in what he hoped would be a helpful way. He didn't ask questions immediately, merely wanting to absorb the seemingly magical, tingly sensation that always blossomed in his chest when he was reunited with Edgeworth. There would be time for that later - for now, Phoenix wanted to offer as much comfort as he could. "...I missed you," he said after a time, his voice soft and slightly muffled against Edgeworth's neck.

Rather than reply to Phoenix's statement, Edgeworth tightened his hold around the defense attorney in response, a silence settling between them until he finally decided to pull away.

The prosecutor moved to stand almost immediately, beginning to unbutton his waistcoat. "You'll have to excuse my appearance - I was a bit foolhardy while investigating today." The buttons came quickly, and he slipped the garment off and settled it on top of his suit jacket, his back now facing Phoenix. "I entered a dark room and managed to find a toolbox worth tripping over." The buttons on the cuffs of his dress shirt came next, though he made no move to remove the whole of the shirt just yet. Glancing back over his shoulder at the defense attorney, Edgeworth's expression turned a little expectant. The bath had turned into an inevitability at this point, but if the defense attorney joined him, he could kill two birds with one stone. "...have you showered yet this evening? I was about to take a bath." Though the invitation wasn't a direct one, the prosecutor hoped Phoenix would know what he was getting at.

When Edgeworth turned to look back at Phoenix, the look on his face was slightly hurt by the brusque nature of Edgeworth's withdrawal. However, once he realized Edgeworth was looking at him, Phoenix's expression lightened, and he shook his head as he summoned up a smile. "...I can wait," he said after a second, and he lifted his right hand, awkwardly rubbing the heel of his hand over his head. He wasn't sure if Edgeworth was asking in order to make sure there was hot water, or if it was an invitation - but considering how quickly Edgeworth had stood, Phoenix didn't think that Edgeworth was implying that he wanted to be closer than absolutely necessary.

Edgeworth arched an eyebrow as he tried to decipher whether Phoenix was turning him down or if he simply hadn't gotten the invitation. Though he assumed it was the latter, he didn't want to sound pushy if Phoenix really didn't want to join him.

"...I understand that it's late, but if you would join me...?" Trailing off, Edgeworth's gaze was awkwardly averted to his cuffs as he finished tending to them. "I...would like to talk with you for a little while if you had the time."

Said like someone who's scheduling an appointment, Phoenix thought to himself wryly, as he moved off the bed and stood, making his way over to Edgeworth. His emotions recovered quickly once he realized what Edgeworth was asking, and the pangs of hurt dissipated just as rapidly. He then looped his arms around Edgeworth's waist, letting his wrists brush over his abdominal muscles before he nuzzled a kiss to the back of Edgeworth's neck. "I can pencil you in at 10:15," Phoenix teased, his warm breath brushing over Edgeworth's skin.

Phoenix's words were nearly lost on the prosecutor, the majority of his concentration going to the contact and heat of Phoenix's breath on his neck. Running his hands over Phoenix's, Edgeworth found himself relaxing into the defense attorney again.

"...did you say 10:15?" The comfortable silence was broken when Phoenix's statement finally sank in, Edgeworth's expression turning a little incredulous. "I...hadn't thought that it was that late already."

At first, Phoenix wasn't sure what to make of Edgeworth's words and reactions. In Phoenix's perspective, Edgeworth seemed almost...skittish, and Phoenix could sense a vibe of tension as it ebbed and flowed through Edgeworth's persona. The mere fact that Edgeworth had lost track of time said volumes about how Edgeworth was feeling, beyond what he had gone through during his day.

If one knew Phoenix well enough, they could hear him thinking as he fell into a pensive silence against Edgeworth - his body stayed relaxed against Edgeworth's back as he held him, but no further affections came from him as he was absorbed into his thoughts. The pause was short, and intentionally so - Phoenix didn't want to make Edgeworth uneasy.

Squeezing Edgeworth gently in his hold for a moment, Phoenix then pulled away from him in order to gather some clothes from his dresser. "...you didn't fall too hard, did you?" He asked, as he turned his gaze back over to Edgeworth, a light smile on his lips. "If that makes you easier to beat in court, I'll have to set up random toolboxes everywhere."

Edgeworth wasn't attempting to be telling when it came to his nervousness and tension, but both were so prevalent in him at that moment that he couldn't help keep them hidden. Phoenix's teasing relaxed him to a degree, but his demeanor in general couldn't keep him from acting as though he was taking Phoenix's joke seriously, even though he was aware he was being facetious.

Rolling his eyes, Edgeworth turned away from Phoenix to hide the slight smirk on his features. "You should teach a class on ethics, Wright. I was unaware that sabotage was acceptable courtroom behavior."

Taking a pace toward Phoenix's closet, Edgeworth drew his bathrobe out from within it, having placed it there after he realized he was spending most his time going in and out of Phoenix's room. Folding it over his arm, he returned his attention to Phoenix. "Shall we?"

[ NSFW ahead - remainder of log here ]